Meet The Team

Brian McGee - Director/CEO


Brian McGee - who has a stellar resume and reputation within the world of television, film and entertainment.

Brian McGee is a native New Yorker.  

​From  the age of 2, Brian expressed an unusual passion and talent for drawing, probably due to the exposure to his Father's raw talent having,  spent hours watching him draw portraits and doodles.

Although,  in his youth, Brian participated in many extra curricular art programs,  formal training did not begin until he was accepted into New York's High  school of Art & Design. It was there where he focused into the path  of Illustration.

Brian continued his education with a 2-year stint at the School of Visual Arts. During this time he acquired his  love for Baroque art and photography.

Brian started his  professional career as a toy Designer for the now defunct Happiness  Express Toy company. For 3 years he fine tuned his craft and developed  his work ethic.

In 1996, Brian was hired as a character artist  and relocated by the Walt Disney company to Burbank California thus  further refining his skills. To Brian this was his second college. 

After  5 years with Disney, Brian decided to delve into a new more independent  career. A self proclaimed cinemaphile, Brian busied himself with the  idea of becoming a storyboard artist, thus marrying his 2 passions. 

He  worked for several well known film directors on music videos, commercial  spots, and major studio feature film projects such as Biker Boyz and 2 Fast 2 Furious.

With  over 25 years experience as an illustrator, songwriter, photographer  and storyboard artist working in New York, Atlanta, California for  various companies, Brian brings a wealth and expert knowledge base to  The Atlanta Creators and B.R.E. Productions International, Inc. on our film and TV pre-Production company. 

Brian has  worked for many luminaries including:

Disney, Nickelodeon, MTV, Turner Network, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Sony Entertainment, AMC, Netflix, Warner Brothers Entertainment, DreamWorks, Legendary Pictures, Marvel, Fox, TNT, CW, NBC, HBO, The History Channel, to name a few

and has worked directly with Directors 
Rod Lurie, Robert Duncan McNeil, Jason Bateman, Kay Cannon, Jeff January, Michael SatrazemisLen Wiseman, John Singleton, Alrick Riley, Kari Skogland
Michael Dougherty, Allison Liddi-Brown, Jonathan Frakes, Rosemary Rodriguez, Tommy Harper, Craig Siebels, Liz Friedlander, Dean Parisot, Ari Sandel, Oz Scott
and many other points of contact within the film and TV industry.  

Brian is also a regular storyboard artist for AMC's "The Walking Dead", Marvel/Fox's "The Gifted",  Netflix's "Ozark", and NBC/Universal's "Good Girls" series.

And, on the commercial side, Brian has worked on prolific commercial projects for 
Smith & Wesson, Kelloggs, McDonalds, Cheez-It, NFL, Zaxby's, Arizona Cardinals, Intel, Dodge, Pergo, RaceTrac, Geico, Microsoft, Hyundai
Goodyear, Mitsubishi, Cox CommunicationsHome Depot, Coca-Cola, Spanx, Chrysler, with a resume that continues to flourish and build.

Audrey Beharie-McGee - Event Coordinator and President


And, Brian's wife and partner in crime is

 Audrey Beharie-McGee.  

Audrey has been involved in the music,  entertainment and associated industry for over 35 years and has worked  for some prestigious and well known music industry orientated contact so  has a vast experience in the world of music, beauty and entertainment.

Audrey was trained at The London Academy of Modeling in London, England by renowned coach  Judi James,  who is a leading communication and body language expert whose expertise is sought after in broadcast, corporate and public relations circles and has trained some of the biggest names in the industry. 

Audrey is an accomplished singer, songwriter, music producer, vocal and performing arts and event director and was signed as a recording artist to two major internationally acclaimed labels - PWL Music/All Boys Publishing owned by Sir Peter Waterman, and Polydor Records.

Whilst signed as an artist at Polydor Records, Audrey was also working as a Promotions Coordinator at MCA Records in London, UK.  She was involved in creating promotional campaigns, radio tours and supporting the department in all aspects of promotions and marketing at regional and national level and worked directly with the company's international roster of major recording artists.

Audrey also spent two years working at the prestigious private offices of Sir Paul McCartney and the late Linda McCartney running their admin and Fan club.

After leaving Polydor Records, Audrey went on to form her own record label, RAJA Records, production company – B.R.E Productions and recording studio –

Hourglass Studios in London.  

Without any funding whatsoever,  Audrey went about  creating a safe shelter, inspiration haven and nurturing environment  to support the up and coming talented up and coming singers, songwriters, performers, producers and engineer by giving them free access to her professional recording facility.  

Using performing arts as a vehicle, she spent the next 13 years in the UK coaching, mentoring and inspiring in whatever way she could to allow them to make excellent inroads  into their careers, to make them bloom, blossom and thrive under the  protection of her wings thus being integral in launching the careers of many talented individuals who "cut their teeth" at a Vocal Zones event.  

She continued her mission  until leaving the UK in 2009 to start a new life in Atlanta, GA.

Over  the past 23 years, also staged in excess of 60 talent showcases and  events in the UK which she felt was necessary to allow the growth of  confidence and hone and perfect their personal and performing arts  skills.   


Audrey arrived in Atlanta GA in 2009 and created 

Vocal Zones USA, Fashion 4wardz, The Miss Teen Dream USA Pageant system,  and Virtuoso Entertainments

and together with Brian's stellar reputation and knowledge, The Art Of McGee and Photographer By Brian McGee which are all a part of their umbrella parent company B.R.E Productions International, Inc. organization.

If you ask Audrey, she will always tell you that  this truly was God's Gift to her to be able to fulfill a divine purpose  and that "she" herself is just the "humanity" required to do so. 

"From Small Acorns, Great Oaks Grow"

Mark Woodhouse - Coordinator and Support Team


B.R.E. Productions International, and 

The Atlanta Creators are honored to introduce and welcome to the team - Mark Woodhouse!

Mark has an amazing career which includes working as a post production assistant, production grip, parab operator, camera man and segment producer and regularly covers events and productions including ABC Sport, The Super Bowl XXXVII, XXXIV, XXXVI, The PGA Tour Championship, Wipeout, Men's NCAA Final Fours, "Solitary 3.0", "Hell's Kitchen", "The Hunley", "Jeopardy" Tournament of Champions", Sorority Life III", "The Voice" and countless other productions where he has lent his talent and expertise.

Mark has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Michigan State University in Telecommunications/Television Production and is the Director/Owner of House Of Stallion Productions.  

He is also the Executive Producer, Owner and Creator of "Element of Jazz TV" web series which is available on YouTube.

We are very excited about having Mark on our team as, from the onset of our meeting him, he has shown so much passion, enthusiasm and dedication to support 

The Atlanta Creators Conference and all our endeavors and we look forward to having Mark with us for many years to come as we grow and blossom.  

Joseph Wheeler III - Supporter OnyxCon


Joseph R Wheeler III is a true ATLien, born and raised in Atlanta, GA. The worldly scholar graduated Benjamin Elijah Mays High School of SW Atlanta in 1993. Joseph became renown first as a visual Artist prior to transferring his talents into a dream of acting, writing, and producing. He had his foundation studies at Pratt Institute of Brooklyn, NY (1994) and completed his BFA in 1997 back home at The Atlanta College of Art (acquired by SCAD Atlanta). 

The ‘Made in Georgia’ film industry boom led to a paradigm shift in 2014 as Joseph transitioned his creative talents toward film. He was taught that it is not Acting but ‘Being’ by his favorite acting coaches like Tinashe Kajese. 

He has had roles/features in Day Black, Domestic Seduction, Shattered (series), Being Marry Jane, Mann and Wife, Black Lightning, Black Panther, Dynasty, Ozark, and Kevin Hart’s Night School

As an ambassador of the Atlanta arts scene, Wheeler founded the pop art cultural convention ONYXCON in 2009 - celebrating diversity with focus on the impact, contributions, and presence of the African Diaspora in realms of imagination. - 

It is truly a pleasure welcoming Joseph on board and we are exceptionally excited about what the future will hold for us all collectively combine and align The Atlanta Creators Conference with The Onyxcon Film Festival, Onyxcon Sankofa and the Onyxcon Institute.  

Cora Adu - Event Coordinator



My name is Cora and I am a teacher at a local Atlanta school in GA and also the proud parent of four beautiful children, Cierra, Victor, Jeremiah, and Abigail.   

Audrey is my daughter’s, Abigail', vocal & performing arts coach.  Through knowing Audrey & Brian, Abigail has had the opportunity to be involved in all the events & activities staged by their company which has allowed her to develop self-esteem, confidence & recovered gifts that she will have forever.  We have known the couple for the past 4 years now and they have become extended beloved family.   

I have had the pleasure of working with Audrey, Brian and the team on a wide variety of productions staged by B.R.E. Productions Intl. Inc and am very excited about working with them with TACC too! 

Ericka Gibson - Event Coordinator



Ericka M. Gibson is a native of Michigan and a Graduate of Clark Atlanta University with a BA in Public Relations and Communications.  

Ericka is a Business Consultant/Strategist.  Growing up with a mother that worked as a Corporate Executive has provided her with a foundation for success. Today, Ericka has her own business as a Caterer and Event Planner.  

Ericka grew up in the industry in which she utilized her skills throughout high school, college and for her current clients.  

Ericka was introduced to Audrey by her friend whom is also Audrey’s cousin.  She was looking for a vocal coach for her daughter and Audrey was the first suggestion.  God doesn’t make mistakes because once they met….they clicked and have been together as family and friends since then!  

Having Ericka and her exceptional talents are a beautiful blessing to our organization and we give gratitude for having her on-board.