Have You Got What It Takes?

The Attributes & Work Ethics


B.R.E  Productions International, Inc and 

The Atlanta Creators are always looking for exciting talent to be part of our  organization who have the drive, energy, hard-work ethics and dedication  to make a difference to our company!

If you're interested in all  aspects of film making, screenwriting, digital illustration, storyboarding, animation and all areas of the performing arts the WE would LOVE to welcome you on-board!

and you want the  opportunity to learn the skills from professionals, then we'd LOVE to have you on-board!

The Skill Set


Our team, as well as having excellent event management, enthusiasm and excellent inter-personal skills, must also possess the superb characteristics and a welcoming personality.

Being  a volunteer, intern or guest speaker will allow you to exercise your skills in all aspects of the work that we  undertake at our organization.   And, in doing so, you will also have the opportunity to network, build contacts and become a part of the growth of B.R.E Productions Intl. Inc and The Atlanta Creators.

Leading By Example


We truly appreciate you giving up your valuable time, energy, talents and knowledge to become a member of our organization and promise that you'll have a great time working with us!

Before you go ahead and sign up, please read our guidelines below. 

And, if you're happy with them, then GREAT! 



Be A Part Of The Team!

Participant Age Range


*All Guest Speakers, Volunteers and Interns must be over the age of 18 years of age    

Event Info


*Volunteers  and Interns should also be available to offer their services for events  that may be off-site or at a different location.   

Unpaid Volunteerism


*All Guest Speaker, Interns and Volunteer roles are unpaid.  

Bring Your "A" Game!


*All  Guest Speakers, Interns & Volunteers should have a keen interest in  film pre-production, event management, fashion, beauty and other  business relating to B.R.E. Productions 

Required Skills


 *Guest  Speakers, Interns & Volunteers should possess superb oral  communication, have a pleasant and pleasing personality and excellent  phone etiquette and written skills.

Share the BIG NEWS!!


And... don't forget to HAVE A GREAT TIME!!

Join Us As A Guest Speaker, Intern or Volunteer!

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The Atlanta Creators

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