A warm and hearty welcome to the 2nd Annual Atlanta Creators Conference presented by 

B.R.E Productions International, Inc. and in partnership with Onxycon Sankofa.  

Our 2nd incredible 2-Day event will, once again, will be highlighting  the extraordinary skills, expertise, experiences and talents of some of Atlanta's most prolific industry professionals. 

The aim of THE ATLANTA CREATORS CONFERENCE  is to create a "synergy" to bridge the gap and provide avenues  to actively promote, encourage and give a voice to all those who have a keen interest and devotion for the Film, TV, Music, Entertainment and Arts Industry in Georgia.

We are constantly on the look-out for up and coming, raw, established, professional and enthusiastic:

  • Directors, Producers, Screenwriters, Illustrators and Artists
  • Production Staff and Technical Crew,
  • Wardrobe, Set Decoration, Hair, Hair and Make-up Artists, 
  • Transportation Specialists, Camera Operators and Technicians 
  • Greensman, Set Builders & Carpenters
  • Actors, Musicians, Casting Directors, Voice Talent
  • Studio Facilities, Locations Managers, Financial and Business Service Providers
  • And all aspects of industry professionals 

Our  events are geared to providing a healthy and conducive forum that will  allow like-minded individuals who yearn to gain knowledge of the "ins and outs" of the business.   

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet, network and exchange ideas with some of Atlanta's premiere creative minds who have actually worked within the industry.


The Atlanta Creators Conference will feature a stellar Guest Speaker line-up from all facets of the industry who will be lending and sharing their knowledge, thoughts, expertise and wisdom ​over our exciting weekend of events so don't forget to reserve your space in advance and take advantage of our Early Bird Special of 50% on all tickets!

"From Small Acorns Great Oaks Grow" ​so we hope you will join us on our inaugural voyage!

Atlanta, Georgia - The Gem Of The South

The Atlanta Olympics ​1996


Since the success of the Atlanta Olympics  in 1996, the City of Atlanta's tourism industry has received a  tremendous boost and, during the five years that followed the Olympics,  the number of conventions hosted by the city has made steady and  increased growth to match the rapid growth of infrastructure and  continued developments of the city itself.   

With Atlanta now  being firmly on the map, this has encouraged record amounts of  international interest as well as a high increase of tourism, as people  flock from all parts of the country and internationally, to enjoy the  city. 

The hosting of the 1996 Olympic Games made a lasting imprint  on Atlanta, bringing increased attention and investments to the city. ​

This has not gone unnoticed by the film, TV, media, music and entertainment industry.

The Growth Of The Entertainment Industry


Over the past 10-15 years, Atlanta has steadily become the "mecca" in the world of entertainment. 
This has been hugely supplemented by the introduction of the 

Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act which  is aimed at encouraging companies with a remit that comes under the  "entertainment" banner, to "set up shop" in Georgia and take advantages  of the real estate, enormous locations, and the growing talent pool. 

The Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act  provides incentives of up to 30% to qualified productions which include  feature films, television, series, commercials, music videos,  interactive entertainment and animated projects. 

Some 455 productions were shot in Georgia in fiscal year 2018, with an estimated economic impact of $9.5 billion, according to the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

There  is no wonder why many reputable companies have moved or are setting up  additional operations into the city to take advantage of the prime  structure that this
​"Southern Gem" has to offer.   ​

Atlanta - ​Where We Are Today


By all means, the upwardly pointing trend  does not appear to be slowing down but gathering momentum. And, what's  more, there are more and more talented individuals and professional   converging to Atlanta to realize their dreams and aspirations to make  their mark in the industry.

The aim of B.R.E. Productions  International Inc and The Atlanta Creators is to create an affordable  "synergy" to bridge the gap and provide avenues to actively and  positively promote, encourage and give a voice to all those who either  have a keen and devoted interest, professional qualifications and a love  for the Movie Industry and Film Making, Independent Directors,  Producers, Screenwriters, Musicians, Performing Arts, Fashion and the  Creative Arts.

The Atlanta Creators focus will be on  gathering together like-minded professionals some all corners of the  business to create a one-stop agency to fuel the interest of the  industries particular requirements.  This will bring to the forefront  the iconic extravagance which heralds
Atlanta one of the most prestigious
Capital Of The World"

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